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Our FAQs section has a list of answers to commonly asked questions.​

Unless you have given us an authority to leave your parcel without a signature, if you are not home, we can’t risk your parcel being damaged or stolen. So we take it to one of our trusted agents until you can pick up your parcel.

Below are the steps which are carried out, should you not be home to sign for your parcel:

  1. If delivery is unsuccessful, your courier will take it to your closest Parcel Connect agent
  2. The Parcel Connect agent safely stores your parcel awaiting collection, for up to 5 working days 
  3. If the parcel is not collected in this time, our courier takes it back to your local Aramex depot
  4. Aramex will then either:
    • Attempt redelivery
    • Contact the receiver for further instruction
    • Return to sender

If you have received a calling card, it is because no-one was home to sign for your parcel.

Using the calling card number, you can track which Parcel Connect Agent your parcel has been delivered to so you know where to go to collect your parcel. 

Example calling card number: CCL0000741771

You can track your Package every step of the way using your label number. On either the Parcel Connect site here or the Aramex site here.

If this doesn't provide the information you need you can click on the Contact page. This will direct your query to our Customer Services team who will assist you.

We ask our agents to hold parcels for 5 working days so that it does not disrupt their everyday business. However, we understand that sometimes you may not be able to collect your parcel within that time frame. 
If this is the case, see below for what to do: 

  • Just a couple of days: Call your Agent, they are usually happy to hold onto your parcel for an extra couple of days.
  • Longer than a week: Call your local Aramex depot to hold your parcel for you, or make alternative arrangements
  • Request re-delivery: Click here to organise for your parcel to be delivered again and give authority for our courier to leave it in a specific place

Take in some photo ID (e.g. licence or passport) so your agent can verify you, and it is always helpful to bring in your Calling Card or email notification.

The only way to arrange sending a parcel through Parcel Connect is by ordering and paying via the Parcel Connect website, using PayPal or your credit card to make payment transactions easy and secure.

If you’re having issues with your payment, please contact [email protected].

On the confirmation email for your order, there’s a PDF copy of a tax invoice attached.

The cost of the parcel is based on the actual weight or the size of your parcel, whichever is greater, and the address the parcel is being sent to.

All items must be securely and sufficiently packaged to protect the contents. This is your responsibility.


  • Choose the right sized box/ packaging for your items. Too large and the box may collapse if something is placed on top.
  • Make sure your packaging isn’t damaged. For example don’t use a box that is ripped – or it could damage your items.
  • Use cushioning like newspaper, bubble-wrap or foam to protect your items
  • Secure everything with Packing tape – regular tape typically isn’t strong enough

The pricing for sending parcels is based on the greater of the actual weight and cubic weight.  It's important you calculate this to ensure your parcel is labelled correctly; otherwise you risk it being returned to you.

How do I calculate cubic weight?

You’ll need to know your parcel’s actual weight and its cubic weight, as the delivery rate is calculated on whichever is the greater.

The cubic conversion rate is 200kg per cubic metre, so

cubic weight = H x W x L x 200

  1. Convert measurements to metres.
  2. Multiply the height x width x length x cubic conversion (200) to get the cubic weight.

Example: (H) 0.45m x (W) 0.35m x (L) 0.30m x 200 = 9.45kg

  1. So, if the actual weight of this parcel was 5 kilograms and the cubic weight was 10 kilograms, the greater weight of 10 kilograms is used to calculate the label price.

Parcel Connect is a convenient alternative to postal or traditional courier services, providing customers with parcel pick-up or delivery services via a network of outlets across Australia.
Customers purchase their labels online and can drop in their parcels outside of normal business hours.
We currently have over 800 active agents across the country and are looking to grow rapidly to provide our customers with excellent coverage across Australia.

Parcel Connect is a cost-effective parcel delivery service that allows you to send, collect or return your parcels through one of the many Parcel Connect stores throughout Australia. 

SEND - How does it work?

  1. Get a quote online
  2. Buy your label online for your parcel
  3. We send you a confirmation email with your label & invoice attached
  4. Pack & label your parcel. If you don’t have a printer you can clearly write the label number on the parcel for our agent to manually enter
  5. Take your parcel into any one of our Parcel Connect agents
  6. The agent will scan your parcel into our network and an Aramex courier will pick it up on their next cycle.

Then simply drop your parcels off at your chosen Parcel Connect agent. Your local Aramex courier will pick them up when they make their next scheduled visit to the Parcel Connect store.
Your parcels will go into the delivery network to make their way to the recipient as instructed. 

You can keep tabs of the delivery via Track parcel to see where your parcel is at any time. 

Parcel Connect agents are simply the stores that we use to service the Parcel Connect network. 
They range from convenience stores to service stations stations to newsagents - all places along the routes you would normally travel. 

Our agents are in easy and convenient locations with extended trading hours, so that it's easier for you to send, collect or return your parcel when it suits you and your busy lifestyle.


  • Make sure the log in details entered exactly match the details provided by Aramex (Australia) e.g  the format for your log in includes a space [XXX XXX]
  • Passwords are case sensitive

If you’re still having trouble logging in, send us an enquiry and we'll be in touch to troubleshoot.

Your log in details can be found listed on your Parcel Connect agent sign with your barcode. It is also listed on the Welcome Email you received when you first signed up.

If you’re unable to locate your log in details, contact Parcel Connect support or send us an enquiry.

View a video demonstration on how to use the Parcel Connect online portal

View a video demonstration on how to use the Parcel Connect Fluid App.

Parcels may be collected without a calling card, provided photo identification is sighted and their name and address match the parcel.

Yes, if you have a printer and internet access, your customer can simply use your computer to purchase Parcel Connect labels through Parcel Connect and print off and attach the labels in store.

Contact your local Courier Franchisee to pick-up and return the parcel to Aramex .

Payment structures vary between a per parcel or a weekly fee for parcels collected. You’ll also be remunerated based on parcels sent from your store.

If you’re set up on a per parcel payment, payment is processed based on the number of scans you have completed. Make sure that freight dropped off by customers and collected by customers are scanned correctly.

Funds are transferred into your specified account on the 7th of every month.

Download and complete this form, and submit to your local Parcel Connect support to have your back details updated.

Welcome! Simply download and complete the Application Form and Agreement Form, and submit to your local Parcel Connect support representative or email us. Parcel Connect will then be in touch to provide training and answer any questions you may have.

We generally look for the following in a Parcel Connect agent:

  • Trading outside normal business hours
  • Preferably 7 days a week
  • Offers parking onsite or nearby
  • Internet Access
  • Clean and presentable
  • Storage space
  • Example businesses - Convenience stores, independent petrol stations, dry cleaners, video stores, newsagents etc.